the third week option

designed to put the student first, so the student can finish first.

JULY 12-AUGUST 1, 2020

COMMUTER: $2,750


more individual attention

Rather than splitting up students into new labs for a third week, we split the students up into smaller cohorts - with 4 to 8 students and one coach. The design of a cohort is supposed to mirror a school — where there are fewer kids with a coach so they can individualize attention and also deepen their strategy.

The purpose of the new third week labs is to allow students to have a different main instructor - this allows them more access to our faculty. In our lab placements, we also invert our faculty placements - that is, our faculty who work with Apex students during the first two weeks will be placed with Forum or Summit students during the third week.


choose your own route to the summit

NEW IN 2020! Beginning next summer, students will get the option to choose how they spend their third week at the Boston session. The two options for students will be:

  • spend all seven days focusing more on the September/October topic

  • spend two days on the September/October topic and the rest spent focusing on different potential 2020-2021 topic areas.

The advantage of this program is that is allows students to customize their debate camp experience in a way that NO OTHER camp provides and it doesn’t force them to make a decision until the two week experience is over. This guarantees that students make a more educated decision about how they want to spend their third week.


flexible hours to prevent burnout

NEW IN 2020! NDF is known as the most intensive summer debate program in the country - the first two weeks equip students with the tools necessary to have a successful season and culminates in one of the largest and most difficult tournaments in the country. As a result, students are tired after the first two weeks.

In 2020, we will have a modified schedule for students in the third week allowing their brain and body some recovery time being prepared for their curriculum. We will begin every day at 10am, allowing students an extra hour to sleep in daily.

We will also have optional seminars nightly from 7pm-9pm that students get to choose from to attend.