There is a reason that more than 450 students chose NDF last summer.  After experiencing our 2018 sessions in Boston and Des Moines - we asked our alumni what it was about NDF that set us apart our competition.  the result was this page...

Well, they speak for themselves.

Aside from the amazing staff and the rigorous curriculum, for me what separates NDF from all other camps are the campers themselves. I’ve had the opportunity to compete against some of the best debaters in the country, and no matter what lab I’ve been placed in, I have always been challenged by my peers to improve.
— Daniel Fernandez, Poly Prep Country Day School (NY) -- member of the 2018 Apex Lab taught by Jeffrey Miller, Rabhya Mehrotra, & Christian Sheerer; 2017 Apex Lab taught by Jeffrey Miller, Mollie Clark & Jake Mengarelli; and the 2016 Forum lab taught by Alyssa Turk & Drew Young
Four weeks of rigorous work, lectures, and debating is only a small part of what the intensive program offers - the friendships that span hundreds of miles across the nation, staff members whose support extends far past camp, and a newfound passion for debate will stick with me forever.
— Ryan Zhu, Edina High School (MN) -- member of the 2018 Intensive Lab taught by Jeffrey Miller, Mark Allseits & Rabhya Mehrotra and the 2018 Summit Lab taught by Chad Meadows & Devesh Kodnani
From the excellent instructors to the inspiring peers and the encouraging atmosphere, NDF Iowa pushed my partner and I to challenge ourselves every day through substantial lectures, lab hours, and skills sessions, subsequently improving our debate skills across the board. Before camp, we didn’t have a great grip on what exactly we were doing wrong in round; thankfully, our attentive senior and junior staffers never failed to help us identify our errors and push us to improve upon our mistakes. Because of NDF, we have a much more thorough understanding of debate as a whole, from weighing to time allocation to research-skills, and how we specifically can implement those concepts into our debate style, both on the local and national circuits. Similarly, NDF Iowa has given us some of our closest friends and was an amazing opportunity for networking with motivated and perceptive debaters across the country, from New York to Iowa to Texas, ensuring an intellectual, competitive, and yet supportive environment for us to push our debating to the next level.
— Mariah Cady -- Columbus High School (GA), member of the 2018 Summit Lab taught by Chad Meadows & Christian Sheerer; and the 2017 Summit Lab taught by Mollie Clark & Sam Wood
Overall, I think the biggest difference between me now and when I came in is that I now have a better understanding of debate overall. From being able to get views from multiple incredibly intelligent junior and senior staffers, I get what I was doing wrong and how I can fix it. I’m pretty much certain that NDF helped me improve significantly as a debater and a significant portion of the success I will have this upcoming season can be attributed to what I learned at this camp.
— Christian Brown, Ardrey Kell (NC) -- member of the 2018 Apex Lab taught by Jeffrey Miller, Rabhya Mehrotra & Christian Sheerer
One of the main ways that helped me improve at NDF was the tournament that challenged me to a level that I have never been challenged to before and taught me so much about how much you can learn from a good debate. At the tournament you are going against people who may be at a higher level than you but in the end you are able to learn so much from people that beat you because they help you figure out what you need to work on and how you can further improve to be a better debater during the next year. By the end of NDF I felt like I was a much better debater and that it truly helped me get a jumpstart into the next season.
— Brooke Blanton -- Duchesne Academy (TX) -- member of the 2018 Forum Lab taught by Lyndsey Oliver, Daniel Ju & Harry Bagenstos.
NDF gave me the confidence to enter into a new debate season. Instructors both encouraged me to improve skills I was struggling with, and felt proud anytime I improved. NDF also introduced me to some of my best friends. While my debate career may end come next summer, this experience will continue to influence me throughout my career and life.
— Sara Catherine Clark -- Altamont School (AL), member of the 2018 Summit Lab taught by Shane Stafford, Lee Place & Eden Medina.
NDF has revolutionized debate for me. It showed me debate through a completely new lens and revealed so many strengths that I never knew I had. Not only did it make me a well-versed competitor, but I also have a newfound passion and love for Public Forum. I am so grateful to have made friendships with staff and campers at NDF that I’m positive will last a lifetime! This camp was 100% worth everything, I loved every moment!
— Rose Walters -- Boca Raton (FL) -- member of the 2018 Summit Lab taught by Chad Meadows & Devesh Kodnani