Our Team

The Summit Debate family is a huge reason for our success and why we have been a favorite choice since 1995. Whether you are coming for Public Forum Debate, Parliamentary Debate or Lincoln Douglas Debate, we have a staff that is experienced in high school speech and debate. Our senior staff members typically have at least a decade of experience. We also use recent graduates to keep us fresh with new ideas and approaches. We continually update this page, so we invite you back to see more confirmed hires for 2019!


Confirmed Public Forum Senior Staff

Sandy berkowitz -- san jose | boston
mollie clark -- boston
Steve clemmons -- boston | des moines
Nate conoly -- Boston
matthew feng -- san jose | boston | intensive
Kegan ferguson -- Boston
toni heimes -- boston | des moines
kip mckee -- boston
Cale mccrary -- boston
chad meadows -- san jose | boston
Noah mengisteab -- boston
Jeffrey Miller -- San Jose | Boston | Intensive | des moines
Ashley Murphy -- boston
lyndsey oliver -- san jose | boston | des moines
danny siegel -- Boston | des Moines
shane stafford -- san jose | boston
Greg stevens -- boston
christian vasquez -- San Jose | Boston | Intensive
drew young -- boston

Confirmed Public Forum Junior Staff

Jai bansal -- boston
james chen -- Boston
ellie konfrst -- boston
sophia gustafson -- boston
eden medina -- san jose | boston | intensive
anika Mirza -- san jose | boston
eva motolinia -- san jose | boston

Confirmed Public Forum First Year Out Staff

mariah cady -- boston
danny cigale -- san jose | boston | intensive
Sara catherine cook -- boston
Ilana cuello-wolfe -- boston
joseph donowho -- boston
joseph dowdall -- boston
Daniel fernandez -- san jose | boston | intensive
thomas gill -- boston
callan hazeldine -- san jose | boston | intensive
Ryan Jiang -- boston
noah kaye -- boston
david kinane -- boston
jennifer lin -- san jose | boston
jason scheller -- boston
kate selig -- boston
Sandeep shankar -- san jose | boston | intensive
anika sridhar -- san jose | boston | intensive
clarissa wang -- san jose
jacqueline wei -- san jose | boston | intensive


Our Administration


Jenny Cook, Executive Director


Dario Camara, Operations Director

Steve (1).jpg

Steve Schappaugh, NDF Director


Jeffrey Miller, Public Forum Director