There are several parts of our curriculum that allow you to customize and individualize your experience with instructor choice. There are three things to keep in mind while you are registering.

First, every instructor can teach you something. At NDF, we hire a wide range of teachers - those who coach local, regional and national champions. Just because you may not get your first choice of instructor does not mean you will not get the best education. There’s a reason why we’re the #CampThatWins.

Second, do not sign up for your lab leaders. We know you really enjoy your lab leaders and have created a relationship with them so they know specifics - but this time is meant for you to learn from someone else. Lab time is for you to ask and learn from your lab leaders.

Third, do not sign up twice. Because of the size of our camp, we typically have just enough spaces for everyone to sign up. This means you CANNOT sign up more than once. We understand that you will treat this like concert tickets, continually refreshing the page - but only sign up for one slot as directed on each sign up.

Failure to follow these guidances or failure to display an attitude that reaches for the Summit will result in a loss of privilege of immediate sign up.


August 2 and August 3 - Seminars 1 and 2
sign up opens 8/1 at 6:00 pm