friday, June 28th

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Our online calendar always serves as the most up to date schedule - please always refer to the rooms that are listed on this page. If you need help and need to contact the Summit Debate Office - you can call 954-593-2974.

Need help finding a building? Click the hyperlink on each room number and Google Maps should open on your device.


opening meeting

All Camp Meeting
Jenny Cook, Dario Camara, Steve Schappaugh and Jeffrey Miller
Room: Daly 207



Dinner served at Benson Hall


Topic lecture



symposium lab

Symposium OBL Lab Room: Daly 106

Forum labs

Forum CMW Lab Room: Kenna 109
Forum FJW Lab Room: Kenna 111
Forum FVH Lab Room: Kenna 308
Forum SCS Lab Room: Kenna 306

Summit labs

Summit MMF Lab Room: Vari 134
Summit BSW Lab Room: Kenna 304