friday, july 19th

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Our online calendar always serves as the most up to date schedule - please always refer to the rooms that are listed on this page. If you need help and need to contact the Summit Debate Office - you can call 954-593-2974.

Need help finding a building? Click the hyperlink on each room number and Google Maps should open on your device.

9:00am to 11:30am


apex labs

BWW Lab Room: Walker 520
FMJ Lab Room: Walker 501
MMF Lab Room: Walker 519

summit labs

AKS Lab Room: Walker 528
CAC Lab Room: Ansin 203
CCG Lab Room: Bill Bordy
FMK Lab Room: Walker 529
MZK Lab Room: PR MPR
PSC Lab Room: Walker 232
SDS Lab Room: Walker 201
SJS Lab Room: Walker 523
VGH Lab Room: Walker 522

Forum labs

MCW Lab Room: Ansin 502
HKM Lab Room: Paramount 517
MBN Lab Room: PR Beard
MCP Lab Room: Tufte 913
MPK Lab Room: Tufte 914
ODL Lab Room: Ansin 605
PBD Lab Room: Paramount 515
PSF Lab Room: Tufte 1014
SCM Lab Room: Ansin 208
SKS Lab Room: Ansin 207
YEJ Lab Room: Ansin 205

Symposium labs

CCW Lab Room: PR 117
HWC Lab Room: PR 118


11:30am to 1:00pm

Lunch at emerson dining center

1:00pm to 2:00pm

seminar # 1

download seminar groups here

China – Then & Now, Part 1: Modern Chinese History (Opium War to Present) — 46 spots
Instructors: Nick Coburn-Palo & Jordann Krouse
Room: Walker 522

Debate As a Means To Get Into College, Part 1: Debating in College — 35 spots
Instructor: Matthew Feng & Kegan Ferguson
Room: Ansin 605

Debate As A Rising Second Year Debater, Part 1: Transitioning from Local Circuit to the National Circuit — 50 spots
Instructor: Hannah Feuer & Nate Mayor
Room: PR MPR

Debating Without a Coach, Part 1: How to Lead a Team — 30 spots
Instructor: Danny Cigale & Sandeep Shankar
Room: Paramount 504

Decision 2020, Part 1: Democratic Hopefuls – A Breakdown of the Candidates — 30 spots
Instructor: Kate Selig & Azraf Khan
Room: Paramount 515

Focusing on Inclusivity Inside & Outside the Round, Part 1: Inclusivity in the Debate Space & Beyond — 45 spots
Instructor: Ilana Cuello-Wolffe
Room: Paramount 517

NSDA Rule Changes – A New Era, Part 1: Second Half Strategy in a New Era — 38 spots
Instructor: Dave Huston & Noah Kaye
Room: Tufte 1014

Portable Skills, Part 1: Examining Future International Hotspots — 25 spots
Instructor: Jackie Wei & Kelly Zheng
Room: Ansin 205

Strategic Research, Part 1: Understanding Media Bias — 48 spots
Instructor: Sandy Berkowitz
Room: Ansin 502

Theory – The Debate Type, Part 1: Disclosure – The Basics, The Pros, and The Cons — 35 spots
Instructor: Cara Day
Room: Tufte 914

Africa Topic Analysis, Part 1: ACFTA – An Acronym You Need to Know — 36 spots
Instructors: Drew Young
Room: Ansin 203

Cybersecurity Topic Analysis, Part 1: Offensive Cyber Operations – Good or Bad? — 35 spots
Instructors: Alyson Brusie & Mariah Cady
Room: PR Beard

Economy Topic Analysis, Part 1: Trump’s World – An Assessment of the Economy — 100 spots
Instructors: Christian Vasquez & David Kinane
Bill Bordy

2:15pm to 5:30pm

practice debate

5:30pm to 7:00pm

Lunch at emerson dining center

7:00pm to 9:00pm

inclusion Groups

download groups here