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The Boston-Iowa Intensive

July 7 - August 5

The ONLY Four Week Public Forum Institute in the Country!

The Intensive is capped at 16 students to ensure that they all get to work with our Public Forum Curriculum Coordinator, Jeffrey Miller, for the last two weeks while at Simpson College.  Jeffrey is a highly successful coach who directs all of the curriculum for every level at the National Debate Forum.  He was recently named Educator of the Year for Georgia and is typically one of the most requested instructor at our institutes.  



What makes this experience Intensive?

Practice Debates


Each debater that goes through the Iowa Intensive program will be guaranteed FIFTY rounds judged by our Summit Debate staff.

We have found that the best way to improve at debate rapidly is to have debates.  Throughout these debates, you will get written and oral feedback from our team of instructors.  We will teach students how to take this feedback and translate it into an action plan for success.


Elisa McCartin
Chad Meadows
Eden Medina
Rabhya Mehrotra
Noah Mengisteab
Christian Sheerer
Christian Vasquez
Drew Young


No matter what lab placement the student receives in Boston, EVERY Iowa Intensive student will be in a lab led by the Public Forum Curriculum Director Jeffrey Miller.

Jeffrey Miller is one of the most requested instructors in the country for public forum debate.  His attention to detail is unparalleled and ensures that your time at the Intensive will make you a better debater.  

The Instruction will not only cover debate topics but they will cover other skills that will improve your debate careers.  Topics that will be discussed include:

  • The Science of Winning
  • Creating a Culture of Success
  • Judge Pyschology
  • Developing Strategic Vision
  • How to Debate Your Best At Tournaments
  • How to Recognize a Great Debater
  • Momemtum and Hard Work = Key to Getting to the Final Round of the TOC

Learning these topics will give you an edge on the rest of your competition - because instead of just learning research and facts, you learn how to make debate work for you.  

During the Intensive, we have longer office hours with the staff of your choosing.  Office hours are always one of the top features of the National Debate Forum.  While at the Intensive, you will have hour long sessions with different staff members to ensure not only individualized attention but also the time to cover any issue that you may be having in debate. 




Unlike other institutes, the Iowa Intensive guarantees debates on the other potential 2018-2019 Public Forum Topic Areas.  During the fourth week of the Intensive, debaters will receive a topic area lecture AND will debate three different resolutions under each topic area!

Most camps will primarily focus on the NSDA September/October resolution, which prepares students for the first part of the season.  However, at the National Debate Forum, we ensure that every lab, even in the two-week experience, includes practice debates on other topic areas to prepare them for year-long success. We’ve seen from using this technique in our top labs that students who have been introduced to--and debated--multiple topics apply the experience and become better debaters on all topics. During our regular two week curriculum, we build in time for every lab to cover other topic areas, but due to the condensed time, we cannot spend as much time exploring potential topics as we’d like.

During the Intensive, we will build in days where we cover and debate potential resolutions under the topic areas.  By spending an entire day on potential topic areas, we diversify what students learn and prepare them for the areas that they will debate in the postseason. 

This year, one of our labs spent several hours analyzing potential resolutions under the Gun Rights topic area.  Due to the shorter time in the two-week curriculum, we were able to only cover one resolution.  In the Intensive, students would learn about and debate both.   This meant that in addition to our students learning specifics about the September/October topic, they also had a debate at camp on a resolution very similar to the one they would go on to debate in November. The Intensive provides students with these experiences and more, ensuring that students leave their time at NDF well-rounded and with a diverse body of knowledge to build upon and apply throughout the coming season and beyond. 

Daily Schedule

Week 1 & 2 (Boston):

7:30-8:45 - Breakfast
9:00-10:30 - Lab
10:30-11:30 - Lecture
11:30-1:00 - Lunch
1:00-3:45 - Lab
4:00-5:00 - Lecture / Office Hours
5:00-7:00 - Dinner
7:00-9:00 - Practice Debate

Week 3 (Iowa):

9:00-10:15am - Lecture
10:15am-11:30am - Office Hours
11:30am-1:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm-3:00pm - Practice Debate
3:15pm-5:30pm - Lab
5:30pm-7:00pm - Dinner
7:00pm-9:00pm - Practice Debate

Week 4 (Iowa):

9:00-9:45am - Topic Area  Lecture
9:45am-11:30am - Topic Debate # 1
11:30am-1:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm-3:00pm - Topic Debate # 2
3:15pm-5:30pm - Lab
5:30pm-7:00pm - Dinner
7:00pm-9:00pm - Topic Debate # 3


Travel Arrangements

Students who participate in The Boston-Iowa Intensive should purchase round trip shuttle transportation for each camp and if they are interested in being part of a group ticket for the flight from BOS to DSM (one way only) they should check off a box in the application.  This option is available until May 1st to be able to request the one way ticket, which Summit Debate would purchase (non refundable) and the cost would be billed to the final invoice on May 2, 2018.   Students who sign up for the intensive after May 1st or who do not request Summit to purchase their ticket would be responsible for their own travel.  

Summit will only assist, upon request of the family, with travel between BOS and DSM.  Travel to BOS and Travel from DSM should be arranged by the family and the flight from BOS to DSM is the financial responsibility of the family, but Summit is offering to help make the reservation/purchase the ticket so that the students have an option to fly together, supervised by a staff member.  

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