one on one coaching sessions

At the National Debate Forum, we prioritize small group learning to maximize individual growth opportunities. We build in time to our curriculum to foster this growth and development. Twenty-five summers ago, our Executive Director Jenny Cook created the concept of “office hours” to help students find time to work with every staff member on our faculty. As our camp has grown and as we have innovated our curriculum, we’ve transitioned these office hours into more meaningful experiences for the students providing some structure and purpose to every single session.

casing consortium

Beginning in 2019 at all of our sessions, we held a designated time for students to review constructive strategy with an instructor of their choice. The Casing Consortium is designed for students to get additional feedback from instructors that are not their own lab leader in a setting outside of their lab. The

skill sessions

Adapted from our most popular office hours, we developed skill sessions for students to practice a specific drill with an instructor of their choice. In 2019, we had skill sessions range from analytical rebuttals to comparative weighing.

At the National Debate Forum, we believe that students learn through active participation. Skill Sessions are completed after lectures with the focus on putting into practice what students learn.

Download our comparative weighing lesson plan that our labs completed after hearing our weighing lecture. To hear the weighing lecture, click here.

re-do rotations

Beginning with our 2019 Intensive and Des Moines Sessions, the National Debate Forum began having students participate in re-do rotations immediately following debate rounds. Re-doing or re-working a speech is one of the valuable lessons that a student can learn at debate camp. The attempt to improve immediately following your round allows you to not only get a one on one coaching experience but it also allows you get targeted feedback to take into your next practice debate.