Demo Debate

You can find a demo debate from NDF Boston here along with curriculum/worksheets attached

Lecture Powerpoints

Our lecture series is broken into four tiers to help individualize the curriculum.  To help understand these levels, we offer a general definition of each.

  • In the Apex level, we create a targeted approach to help students reach their potential in big situations.  Typically, students in this level will have already attended a major national championship once - it is our goal that we build off the experiences that got them to that point and help them advance farther in 2018-2019.  
  • In the Summit level, we teach a targeted curriculum to help students find consistent success on the national circuit.  Typically, students in this level are very close to achieving major success - but need the extra push to help them #ReachTheirSummit. 
  • In the Forum level, our curriculum focuses on the big picture while fine tuning the specific skills that will make debaters successful. Typically, students in this level have a strong command of fundamentals, but are just starting to witness and experience high-level debates.  
  • In the Symposium level, our curriculum teaches students how to create a solid foundation to #ReachForTheSummit.  We focus on the big picture of what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Apex - Casing (Mehrotra/Sheerer)
Apex - Framework (Mengarelli/Medina)
Apex - Psychology of the Ballot (Miller)
Apex - Rebuttals (Stafford/Chen)
Summit - Alternative Positions (Stafford/Stone-Molloy)
Summit - Casing (McCartin/Hollier) (Zheng/Berkowitz) (Witkin/Ju)
Summit - Framework (Daniel/Bagenstos)
Summit - Second Half Strategy (Motolinia/Chen)
Summit - Topic Analysis (Mirza/Hardt)
Forum - Alternative Positions (Stafford/Stone-Molloy)
Forum - Casing (Young/Aggarwal) (Motolinia/Pace) (Korrapati/Lin) (Mengarelli/Mason) (Turk/Joshi)
Forum - Crossfire (Murphy/Asthana) (Siegel/Zheng) (Krouse/Mehrotra) (Dukes/Motolinia) (Berkowitz/Ju) (Gustafson/Siegel) (Scheffler/McCartin)
Forum - Framework (Murphy/Konfrst) (McCartin/Freyre) (Bagenstos/Fung) (Bansal/Aggarwal) (Hardt/Daniel)
Forum  - Judge Adaptation (Stevens/McCartin) (Berkowitz/Daniel)
Forum - Rebuttal (Piotrowski/Konstan) (Meadows/Joshi) (Bansal/Konfrst) (Pace/Bagenstos)
Forum - Summary (Sheerer/Zheng) (Mengarelli/Zell) (McKee/Asthana) (Nutt/Mengisteab)
Forum - Topic Analysis (McKee/Ramakrishna) (Konstan/Vasquez)
Symposium - Casing (Nutt/Kodnani)
Symposium - Crossfire (Vasquez/Hardt)
Symposium - Final Focus (Mengisteab/Mason)
Symposium - Framework (Corcoran/Mirza)
Symposium - Summary (Conoly/Ju)
Symposium - Topic Analysis (Conoly/Corcoran)

Seminar Powerpoints

Global Crises (Lin/Zheng)
Healthcare & Housing Topic Areas (Nutt/Konstan)
India Topic Area (Asthana/Sheerer)
Latin America (Krouse)
The Legal System (Scheffler/Daniel)
Media Bias (Murphy/Motolinia)
Intro to Political and Economic Theory (Vasquez/Mirza)
Statistics in Debate (Mengisteab/Corcoran)
Success as a Second Year Debater (Miller)
Verbatim/Paperless Debate (Mengisteab/Zell)
World Schools & Team USA (Berkowitz/Stafford)

Ballots/Feedback from Debates

Click here to view the ballots from the tournament and practice debates at the Boston Session.

If you do not see a ballot in a specific round, that means the judge did not complete a ballot - please email your judge from that debate to request feedback.