Never imitating, always innovating

it’s this approach that keeps the #campthatwins at the top.

The National Debate Forum is the premier summer debate institute for public forum debate. Summit Debate welcomed 714 students in 2019 from #Coast2Coast and cannot wait to see what is in store for 2020. As we embark on our 25th summer dedicated to educating your students, there are some things you can always count on from the National Debate Forum:

  • Dedicated administrative team that consists of active teachers, coaches, and administrators who’s goal is to provide your students the best educational experience while guaranteeing a safe and secure environment to learn. Learn more about our team of administrators.

  • Curriculum that puts your student first - designed by a team of professional educators who actively coach and have worked at NDF for multiple summers. Our team understands that what worked in 2015 doesn’t work in 2020. That’s why we are constantly improving our product every summer. Learn more about our curriculum for 2020.

  • Experienced faculty who bring the best out of your students and the best out of each other. Learn more about our team of curriculum specialists, our senior instructors, our junior instructors and our first year out instructors.

  • Results that speak for themselves. It’s no wonder that the 2019 TOC, NSDA, NDCA and NCFL Champions attended the #CampThatWins.

three amazing sessions in 2020 from #Coast2coast

JUNE 26-JULY 10, 2020

Santa Clara University

JULY 12-JULY 26, 2020

University of Massachusetts-Boston

JULY 12-AUGUST 2, 2020

University of Massachusetts-Boston

JULY 26-AUGUST 4, 2020

Simpson College